Frequently Asked Questions

What is Where Ya’ Rack?

Where Ya’ Rack? is a community improvement program that works to help provide secure bicycle parking racks throughout the New Orleans community.  We provide new bicycle racks throughout the community to encourage cycling as a low-cost, environmentally friendly and healthy transportation option for commuting, short trips and errands.  Racks are sponsored by citizens, businesses or property owners and installed by YLC member-volunteers.

Who is Where Ya’ Rack?

Where Ya’ Rack? is a project of the Young Leadership Council. The Young Leadership Council (YLC) is a non-profit, non-partisan civic organization created to develop leadership through community projects. Through volunteer-created community projects, the YLC recruits and retains young professionals to New Orleans and has a positive impact on the quality of life in the region. The oldest independent young professionals’ organization in the country, the YLC has raised more than $25 million to support community projects in and around the New Orleans area since 1986.

How are bike racks provided by Where Ya’ Rack?

Donors can sponsor a rack to be placed at a location on public or private property.  Racks installed on public property will require approval by the city/parish.  We currently have agreements with New Orleans, Gretna and St. Bernard Parish.  Racks to be installed on private property will only require a liability waiver.

How much does it cost to sponsor a rack?

The racks that we install can be sponsored by individuals or businesses.  As a sponsor, you will pay $300 for a single hitch post rack that holds two bikes, or $2500 for a bicycle corral that holds twelve bikes.   Both options include installation in the final price.

Why Where Ya’ Rack?

Where Ya’ Rack? makes it easy.  We work with the city/parish to get your rack approved and we handle the delivery and installation.  Our rack design is also unique to the New Orleans area.  Our manufacturer has customized their design specifically for Where Ya’ Rack? by incorporating a fleur de lis and bike lock design into the racks.

How are rack sponsors recognized?

The Where Ya’ Rack sponsored racks feature a dedication decal installed on the bottom of the bike lock cut-out.  The plaque is made to order with a personalized message from the sponsor.  Click here to see examples.  Sponors will also be noted on our website listing contact information (if appropriate), dedication copy and a list of the sponsored racks. Sponsors are also provided opportunities to participate in promotional events held in conjunction with the unveiling of new racks.

I can’t afford to sponsor a rack, can I still donate?

Anyone can donate directly to our Rack Fund, which we use to install bike racks in public spaces around New Orleans.  Racks installed via the Rack Fund do not have direct sponsors, but are in areas of high demand, as determined by our data collection on this website.

How are donors recognized?

Donors are recognized on the Where Ya’ Rack? website and in Where Ya’ Rack? print materials. Donors are also provided opportunities to participate in promotional events held in conjunction with the unveiling of new racks. Visit the Donate page for more information.

Is my contribution tax deductible?

All donations to the Rack Fund are fully deductible. Rack sponsorships are also fully deductible if the sponsored rack is donated to the City and placed on public property. If the sponsored rack is located on private property, the rack sponsorship is partially tax deductible after accounting for the fair market value of the rack.   We recommend that you speak to your tax specialist, in any case, to make sure that your specific donation or sponsorship adheres the latest rules from the IRS.