Sponsor a Rack

The Where Ya’ Rack? sponsor program allows donors to sponsor an individual bike rack and receive permanent recognition through a customized dedication affixed to the rack. Our hitch post racks are $300 and our corral racks are $2500, installed.

How the program works

1. A donor agrees to sponsor a rack through the YLC
2. A plaque is personalized with a message from the donor and permanently attached to the rack
3. The rack is securely installed by YLC member-volunteers at a location
determined in coordination with the sponsor and the city of New Orleans (if installed on public property).

Sponsor a Rack

The Rack

The customized, distinctly New Orleans style Where Ya’ Rack? bike racks were designed
specifically for the project by incorporating a fleur de lis and bike lock cut out
into the racks, the Fleur de Lock. The single rack parks two bikes, while the
corral parks 12 bikes.


The Plaque

The Where Ya’ Rack? sponsored racks feature a customized plaque installed on the bottom of the Fleur de Lock. The plaque is made to order
with a personalized message from the sponsor or responsible party.
This personalized dedication is an excellent way to recognize individuals, organizations or businesses in the community. It can serve as a lasting
memorial to a very special person or group, signal support for the bicycling community, commemorate a particular event, or distinguish a local
business or organization.

You can see some plaque examples HERE.

Rack Locations

To get an understanding for the space requirements for a bike rack, you can see the city specifications HERE under “Bike Parking Facilities” on the right. Our hitch post racks are smaller than the city’s standard “staple” rack, but have most of the same space needs. You can see, we need at least 7’8″ of sidewalk space to install our racks parallel to the street, and at least 11’3″ of sidewalk space to install them perpendicular to the street. The bike footprint (75″x 32″) of the hitch post rack should be a minimum of 15′ from fire hydrants, 20′ from bus stops, and 1′ from other permanent objects, among other things. Our corral racks are installed in the street. They measure approximately 20’x7′ and take up roughly the space of one parked car. The city’s preferred location is in the corner(no-parking) zone near an intersection or any non-metered space.  You can see all of the details in the application the city of New Orleans Department of Public Works created to codify the requirements, see page 2. Click HERE to view.

Racks on Private Property

If you’d like your rack installed on private property, all we need is approval from the land-owner. You can download our form HERE, and have the property owner sign and return the document to YLC.  Then, once we have the plaque manufactured, we can go ahead and install the rack.

Tax Information

Rack sponsorship are also fully deductible if the sponsored rack is donated to the City and placed on public property. If the sponsored rack is located on private property, the rack sponsorship is partially tax deductible after accounting for the fair market value of the rack. We recommend that you speak to your tax specialist, in any case, to make sure that your specific donation or sponsorship adheres the latest rules from the IRS.