Volunteer Opportunities

There are numerous ways you can assist Where Ya’ Rack? and we’re always looking for new volunteers. If you’re interested in volunteering, please sign up for our email list so we can let you know about upcoming volunteer opportunities.

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Sponsorship/Donor Coordination

Where Ya’ Rack? needs a team of volunteers who are comfortable going to potential sponsors/donors and encouraging them to assist Where Ya Rack?in making New Orleans a world class bike friendly city. Potential sponsors/donors include small business owners across the city and corporate entities with strong civic responsibility programs.


After a site has been approved by the sponsor, the city, and Where Ya’ Rack?, the rack will be manufactured, delivered then installed.  Installation team members bolt the rack to the ground in the permitted location.  After installation, the team will take a photograph and make sure the necessary details for the rack are added correctly to the website.

Development/Fund Raising

Where Ya’ Rack? will hold various fund raising events and efforts to raise money for the general fund.  Money in the general fund will be used to  install even more racks around New Orleans. We need creative people who can assist us in the most efficient ways to gain access to grants and other limited funding resources for non-profits.

Marketing/Media Relations

Like any good product, Where Ya’ Rack? needs a good promotional team to help get the word out. Marketing/Media Relations volunteers will think up clever ways share our logo or buy ads in local media.  We need all the help we can get to tell the masses that bike racks are important and we are providing a quick and efficient way to have them installed in our communities.

Government Relations

Currently, Where Ya’ Rack? has a standing agreement with the City of New Orleans Department of Public Works to facilitate our project and make it as effective as possible. We will be growing our government contacts, not only in New Orleans, but eventually in other local governments as well.

Special Events

Where Ya’ Rack? will have different events at different times of the year, sometimes hosted by Where Ya’ Rack?, sometimes as a participant in a larger bicycling program. We always need people to staff our booth, evangelize to the masses, and when we host our own events, help get all the parts of the puzzle together for a flawless presentation. Where Ya’ Rack? hosted events will usually revolve around the unveiling of a new rack.

Educational Outreach

Not only will Where Ya’ Rack? provide the physical hardware for the community to have secure bicycle parking, but we will also be able to partner with other organizations like the Metro Bicycle Coalition on educational opportunities for children and adults. Bicycle safety is an important component of increased ridership, so if we want people to ride, and use the racks, we need to provide all the information they and motor-vehicle drivers need to be safe around each other on our roads.